For nearly 30 years, the Greater Washington County Food Bank, a non-profit organization, has been collecting, storing and distributing grocery items to low income families in Washington County, Pa., through a network of currently 36 pantries. Annually, the Food Bank serves approximately 3,400 households, and while we do receive state and federal funding to obtain product, we rely on dontations and food drives to fulfill the needs of the low income individuals we service.


The mission of the Greater Washington County Food Bank is to:
  • Feed hungry people by securing and distributing food and grocery products through a county-wide network of food pantries;
  • Increase public awareness about the problems of hunger in our community, and our solutions; and
  • Educate the people who come to us on nutrition.


The vision of the Greater Washington County Food Bank is to eliminate hunger in Washington County so that no one goes to bed hungry.


In carrying out its mission, the Greater Washington County Food Bank is committed to standards of performance represented by the values in which we believe.

Respect for Human Dignity – We will serve those who come to us without regard to race, creed, sex, lifestyle, residence or any other discriminatory consideration. We strive to provide a voice for people living in poverty.

Integrity – We will be open and honest in all relationships, dealings, and transactions. We will strive to earn and convey trust through openness and honesty.

Stewardship – We will keep faith with the public trust through the efficient and compassionate use of resources entrusted to us. We will strive to be mindful that the mission is accomplished through the generosity of others.

Accountability – We will set clear standards for the benchmark against which to measure competence, efficiency, and record keeping and report information, and all will be subject to an annual independent audit.

Service – We will stay close to those we serve. We will commit to provide excellent service. We will continuously strive to study, understand and meet the changing needs of the hungry with competence, compassion and kindness.


The Greater Washington County Food Bank Board of Directors is made up of 14 members of the Washington County Community. They come from various educational and employment backgrounds. All of our board members have a deep concern for those we serve and are dedicated to help us continue to reach those who we are not serving.


The Greater Washington County Food Bank is made up of six full-time employees and one part-time employee. These employees work as a team to support the mission, goals and values of the Food Bank each and every day.

Message from our Executive Director
Current Board of Directors:
Peg Wilson, President Frank Esposito Sara Greenlee
J. Alan Gordon, Vice President Dr. Sally Mounts Ken Westcott
Paul Vahaly, Treasurer Hon. J. Barry Stout Mundy Fergus
Karen DeMarino, Secretary Earl Summers

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