COVID-19 Information Relating to Food Bank Operations

Worried about safely getting food or personal care supplies? Greater Washington County Food Bank has a solution for that.


The Greater Washington County Food Bank is scaling up to provide emergency food and personal care relief caused by COVID-19 through its drive thru distribution model, Truck to Trunk, and expects to deliver 5,000 to 6,000 or more boxes this month with minimal contact for both Clients and Staff/Volunteers. Volunteers to help box up deliveries and distribute food, cash donations, as well as in-kind donations of bulk goods are urgently needed. 

Who is eligible to get food from a food bank or food pantry?  

PA Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding issued guidance for accessing emergency food assistance for Pennsylvanians at risk of hunger due to measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. If you are out of work without pay, you are eligible to receive food sourced from the state and federal government from a food bank or food pantry in Pennsylvania. This includes service workers who are unable to get shifts or hourly wage employees of non-essential businesses that have voluntarily closed due to COVID-19 mitigation. You will need to complete an application for supplemental food assistance, and signatures have been temporarily waived due to COVID-19. You will be asked to provide your household size and weekly income level as of the day you apply. Complete income guidelines can be found at

Please call (724) 632 - 2190 x 107 to verbally complete your Application for Supplemental Food Assistance, or complete online on our sign-up page.

If you can volunteer, we really need you! The Food Bank has designed volunteer opportunities for individuals and small groups to assist in packing boxes. We normally box 400-500 boxes per month plus typical pantry distribution. We are in need of 6,000 boxes by the 1st of each month to ensure we can pre-package all distribution. If you want to volunteer individually and immediately, Click Here. If you want to sign up a small group of up to 9 people for a shift in the next week we would appreciate that as well, please Click Here. We would also encourage anyone who wishes to volunteer to sign up on our website to get into our volunteer database.

This is a huge increase. Volunteer shifts have been designed to accommodate all of the recommendations of the CDC, including small groups, appropriate distance between people, and sanitizing between shifts.


  • Is the Food Bank still operational? Yes, we are scaling up operations to meet increased need. 

  • Are there any changes to pantry distribution? We are transitioning to our Truck to Trunk model, a drive-thru distribution for the safety of clients, staff, and volunteers.

  • What safety measures are being taken to ensure safe handling of food product? In addition to strictly following normal food handling policy, we have implemented the CDC recommendations of social distancing, habitual sterilization, and enforced glove/mask use at our packing stations and common areas.

  • How do I sign up for assistance? Submit this form and we will connect with you to confirm distribution location.

  • I am unable to make my distribution this month, can I send someone in my place to pick up my distribution? Yes, you may assign a proxy form. Pantry Distribution proxy form and Senior (CSFP) proxy forms are available online.

  • Is GWCFB accepting volunteers at this time?  Absolutely. We plan on boxing 100% of distributions for each month. Register as an individual or a small group to volunteer to assist in the next few weeks.

  • Are you accepting donations at this time? Yes, and if at all possible, food, health, and beauty items in bulk.

  • Where can I donate? Visit our Donations page.

  • Are classes in Healthy Habits Training Center still scheduled? Classes at HHTC are postponed, but tune into Facebook for Training Tuesdays at 9AM.

  • Are classes and workshops at The Farm still scheduled? The Hydroponics and Aquaponics Workshop for Veterans is transitioning to webinar. Details will be provided directly to those enrolled. Other events have been postponed. See The Farm for accurate details.

  • Is the Country Thrift Market open? As of April 24th, it will reopen with STRICT social distancing policies enforced.