Fall 2020 Newsletter - Overcoming COVID, new faces on staff, the effectiveness pf Truck to Trunk, and growth on The FARM during a moderate summer drought are highlighted, among other topics, in this newsletter.

Spring 2020 Newsletter - A detailed insight into the Food Bank's operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Details on the closing and reopening of Country Thrift Market, as well as The Farm and Healthy Habits Training Center adjusting to the limitations of on-site group sizes.


Winter 2020 Newsletter - Progress made to The Farm, new team members, a variety of events and classes at Healthy Habits Training Center (HHTC), sales at Country Thrift Market, and a streamlining of the donation process to make it easier than ever before to support the Greater Washington County Food Bank.

Hydroponics and Aquaponics Workshop Series for Veterans -  A FREE workshop series for veterans and military members through The Farm, Mission Homestead, and Chatham University. Learn what hydroponic farming is, understand how to set up your own system, and tour facilities with hands-on activities relating to hydroponics. Registration now open.

Fall 2019 Newsletter - A review of the summer's Kid's Camp through Healthy Habits Training Center, Warehouse and Pantry volunteers and news, progress made at The Farm, and details on the Day of Giving through Washington County Community Foundation.

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